Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility for Qatar Insurance Company symbolises its corporate philosophy of quality, trustworthiness and creativity.

We seek to deliver sustainable development of the society in response to the trust and loyalty society places us in our Company and try to exceed their expectations.

At the threshold of 56 years of quality presence of our branch in this great nation United Arab Emirates, we look forward to our Vision to become “the Best Insurer in the Middle East delivering World class insurance products”.

The responsibility also increases with reflects in our constant effort to imbibe and increase CSR awareness among each and every employee through a set of guidelines, which shall go hand in hand with all our business activities. Furthermore, we strive to maintain and uphold world universal principles of human rights, care towards the environment, anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, Malignant ethical business practices and adherence to international codes on the pursuit of business.

We as a company shall ensure and work towards a business practice that enhances the society which entrusts and insure with us by incorporating the following in our business:

  • Correct and sound corporate practices.
  • Ensure the highest quality in our insurance products and services that we offer to our clients
  • Adherence to human rights, and a strict No to racial, religious and, gender biases
  • Protection to of the natural environment
  • Transparent business ethics