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Ease your mind, be worry-free with QIC’s Travelcare Plus Insurance

Planning a holiday with your family to Paris? You certainly want to make sure that you travel without trouble, don’t you?

To make sure your vacation stays hassle-free, just the way you had planned, QIC offers travel insurance, Travelcare Plus, which is the right choice for the modern traveller. Right from Medical Expenses to Trip Cancellation/Curtailment, our Travelcare Plus policy ensures that you stay covered and have a smooth, hassle-free trip.

Wondering what could go wrong in a perfectly planned trip?

You are focussing your camera on the Parthenon and jockeying into a position for the best shot. The next minute you step on a rock, slip, fall and break your ankle. Yes, a cascade of events to make your “dream holiday” turn into your “worst nightmare.” But you need not worry! We will cover you for your Medical Expenses.

Please refer to the policy wording to know more.

Missed your connecting flight?

Missed your connecting flight?

If a delay beyond your control makes you miss your connecting flight, we provide ultimate protection by reimbursing you for the verified additional cost that is necessary and appropriate. Our Travelcare Plus insurance policy ensures that you Travel without Trouble!

family member falls ill and you have to curtail your trip

What if a family member falls ill and you have to curtail your trip?

We will indemnify you for any unscheduled interruption of your trip caused by an insured event. We will pay for the additional cost of the return journey corresponding to the type and standard originally booked, provided that the return trip was booked and insured with the outward trip.

Lost your bag

Lost your bags?

If your baggage gets misdirected/delayed and your favorite power suit, tie, clothes and accessories reach another destination do not worry! We will cover for the inconvenience by reimbursing you for the necessary replacement purchases.(Refer to the policy wordings for details of cover).

*When substantiated with a Property Irregularity report (in case of an airline), detailing the incident.

Lost your Passport

Lost your Passport and important travel documents?

QIC will pay up to USD 500 towards replacement of your travel documents, additional accommodation and travel costs.

Our policies have been designed keeping You in focus:

  • Extended Coverage
    Our policies provide cover for Terrorism, Sports Equipment and Hijack excluding the Fly Europe plan, which covers you for medical expenses of up to USD 50,000.
  • Special Offer on Online Purchase
    Purchase our Travelcare Plus policy online and get a 10% off on the standard premium!
  • Pay for Where you Travel
    Travelcare Plus covers you for travel destinations across the world including USA, Canada as well as Schengen countries. All you have to do is select the travel destination (as categorised below) and pay the premium accordingly.

Worldwide excluding USA and Canada- With this extensive cover, travellers could be covered for loss of baggage or any other travel related inconveniences like Loss of Passport.

Worldwide- This cover has been designed for travellers who will be visiting the USA/Canada.

Fly Europe (Schengen) – This cover has been specially designed for travellers who are required to buy insurance to avail a visa for Schengen countries. This policy only covers for Medical Expenses up to USD 50,000.

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Buying your travel insurance

At QIC, our customers’ convenience and the quality of services we provide at an equitable cost are of utmost importance

We understand the hassle one goes through when visiting a branch to manage insurances or make calls for subscriptions etc.

We are, therefore, proud to offer you, where you can purchase your travel insurance at the click of a button

To make it even simpler, you can download our QIC App manage your insurances easily from your smartphone

Get a quote today and get 10% discount on your travel insurance.

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In case of a claim

Having a claim to register – is always a hassle; we know this. We have therefore done our utmost to make registering and managing claims with us as easy and fast as possible

You can read much more about our Travel Insurance claims process here and you can always call us on 8004 742 for assistance or email us at