56+ years at the forefront of Hull & Aviation Insurance

QIC’s involvement in the Oil and Gas Industry dates back to its year of formation 55 years ago. Since then, the State of Qatar has witnessed phenomenal growth in the Oil and Gas sector, culminating into its becoming the LNG capital of the world. The natural outcome of this development augured well as QIC became the lead Energy insurer of the region

Our Team

Energy insurance QICWe have a dedicated team comprising experienced underwriters and engineers who understand the complexity and technicality of energy related risks.

Our specialised team is well versed with the process, whether it is for the early seismic surveys, upstream development phase, offshore pipe laying, project financed mega LNG trains or for construction of a refinery.

Whatever may be your need, we deliver quality service and offer bespoke risk transfer solutions.

We provide local admitted insurance covers such as

Operations: Onshore/Offshore + OEE

Master package programme covering various facets of Offshore and Onshore Operations viz. property including supply vessels, liability, Operators Extra Expenses (well control), increased cost of redrilling, marine cargo, incidental works etc.

Builders All Risks (offshore projects)

Builders All Risks covering EPC contracts tailor made to suit specific requirements. This may include special conditions and clauses that are required by financiers

Erection All Risks (onshore projects)

Erection All Risks and Advance Loss of Profit/Delay in Start Up covering downstream Energy and petrochemical projects

Liabilities and Employer’s Liability

Sabotage & Terrorism

Drilling Rigs Insurance

All policies will be extended to include clauses which comply with the local laws and requirements


Abu Dhabi

Mr. Binu Cherian

Manager (Operations and Business Development)
P.O. Box 73797, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
Tel: +971 2 6769466 Extension 25


Claims Contact:


Mr.Sriraman Ramakrishnan

Claims Manager (Non-Motor Claims)
P.O. Box 4066, Dubai, U.A.E
Tel: +971 4 2224045 Extension 37