A 55+ year history.

And perfectly poised for the future.

When vision meets determined resolve, success follows suit. It is not a formula, but a combination of several variables that must be carefully aligned to produce unrelenting progress.

Human history is graced with shining examples of visionary zeal in individuals and organizations that had an insight into the future, and Qatar Insurance Company is counted in the region as a stalwart in this regard. Taking on the mantle of the guardian of Qatar’s national energy assets as early as 1964, in vivid contrast to the country’s reliance on the bounty of the sea, Qatar Insurance Company strode forward to secure the nation’s commercial and institutional initiatives.

Our origins can be traced back to the Emiri decree on 11th March, 1964, establishing our presence in the beating heart of the traditional Souq Waqif in Doha. A mere four years later, we took another bold step into the UAE in the form of a branch in 1968, fuelled by optimism and the intention to stay for the long run.

The rest, as they say, is history.

QIC Milestones