Registering claims with QIC UAE

Having an accident – and a claim to register – is always a hassle; we know this. We have therefore done our utmost to make registering and managing claims with us as easy and fast as possible Click one of the images below to learn how to easily register a claim with us – if in doubt, or you need our assistance, you can always call 8004 742

Motor Insurance Claims Management

Having a Claim?

We will do our best to ease claim process by making your engagement with us as simple and hassle-free as far as possible.

How to file (open) a Claim?

You need to get the following documents:

  • Original police report from Traffic Department
  • Copy of both sides of your car registration
  • Copy of both sides of your driver’s license

Police Report

The police must give you the final Police report  for the accident (document #1)

CR & Driver’s License

…and then you need to get a copy of both sides of your car registration (document #2) and a copy of both sides of your driver’s license (document #3)

How to register a Claim with QIC UAE?

Once you have arranged the documents, you can register a claim and get a repair approval by doing any one of the following:


and upload the documents; we’ll get back to you right away

Send the documents via email


Send the documents via fax

to +971 42238974 (Dubai) +971 26769265 (Abu Dhabi)

Visit Us

Visit our office at Dubai or Abu Dhabi with the documents. Alternatively, you can call our Toll Free Number 8004742 or +971 4 2224045 (Dubai) or +971 2 6769466 (Abu Dhabi) for further assistance.

Non Motor Insurance Claims Management

We at QIC UAE appreciate that the effectiveness of an insurance policy lies in its ability to respond promptly with eligible indemnity to any admissible claim reported under the policy.

It is our endeavour to deliver high quality claims services to our valued clientele by ensuring that the Insured’s reported losses are dealt with swiftly as per the terms and conditions of the policy and settlement of claims made within a reasonable time.

We have a highly qualified, experienced and dedicated claims team capable of handling all types of claims, from the routine workmen compensation claims to the highly complex energy insurance claims, enabling us to ensure an efficient claims processing and timely settlement service.”

Home Insurance Claims Management

Having a claim?

We will do our best to ease your frustration by making your engagement with us as simple and hassle-free as possible

Please arrange the following documents to register a claim

  • A completed Claims form – please find the claims form here
  • A Police Report detailing the nature, extent and cause of loss or damage
  • High resolution photographs of loss or damage
  • An inventory of damaged/lost items with proof of its cumulative value
  • A scope and cost estimate for repairing damaged items (for prior approval)
  • Contact details for arranging a survey
  • A copy of your claim letter sent to third parties (if any), who may be responsible for the damage, thus protecting rights of recovery

Having a Claim?

Please follow any one of the following procedures:

  • Present relevant documents at our Claims department in our Office at Dubai. you could also call us at +971 42224045 (Extension #837)
  • Send relevant documents via email to
  • Send relevant documents via fax to +971 42238974. Please note that the fax should clearly mention the preferred medium of contact

Travel Insurance Claims Management

Upon submission of all documents (as mentioned below) we will open a claim file

      • A duly filled Travelcare Plus Claims form within 30 days of your return – please find the travel claims form here
      • All original invoices and bills
      • All property irregularity reports or official written confirmations of a loss
      • All claims must be substantiated with receipts, valuations, medical, police or other report(s) as applicable

In the event of an Inpatient Medical and Curtailment claim, please contact our 24 Hour Claims Assistance  Company Neuron at +971 4382 3600 before QIC’s approval

Contact our Claims Department

QIC Call Center: 800 4 QIC (800 4 742)

Non-Motor Claims (Travel and Home)