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QIC affirms the role of Insurance as a Facilitator for the SMEs

QIC affirms the role of Insurance as a Facilitator for the SMEs

Apr 14, 2016 (0) comment


Insurance undoubtedly is one industry that affects every aspect of our daily lives. And, the rewards of insurance do not stop at covering for loss or damage to people’s homes, cars or travels. Insurance is a facilitator, providing a service which is either overlooked or forgotten – insurance helps open doors for start-ups, SMEs and aids in project financing.

Commenting on this, Deputy Group President & CEO of QIC – MENA region, Mr. Salem Al Mannai says, “As insurers, we play a vital role in facilitating growth of SMEs and start-ups by mitigating risks.”

He explains, “Running businesses in today’s world involves plethora of risks. Without having to worry or be baffled by any unforeseen expenses arising out of accidental damage of office building, equipment and machinery, loss of revenue due to property damage, third party or employer’s liability, our package policy Business Shield Insurance caters for all business insurance requirements so that entrepreneurs can allocate more time on nurturing their businesses.”

He adds, “As a leading national insurer, it is our duty to facilitate development of SMEs – the engines of economic growth and diversification. In fact, it would be difficult for the region to support the anticipated growth and manage today’s evolving and complex risk landscape without having an insurer to absorb the loss and compensate for damages following an accident.”


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